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PowerGUI: Managing OpsManager with PowerShell

As you know Operations Manager 2007 provides for significantly improved manageability by exposing a PowerShell API (check out these posts by Ian, Stefan, and myself).

We’ve just published a webcast at (in Documentation section of the site) in which Rob “Deuce” Doucette (one of the stars of the community) demos his pack for managing MOM (Operations Manager 2007) with the pack he created and posted to the community library for everyone to use.

He started off by bulk-managing Alerts based on some criteria. Sorted them, selected a few (too bad he didn’t demo filtering by the way!), resolved and updated selected alerts:

Bulk Alerts management

Then he managed a bulk of security roles (added, removed users):

Bulk MOM roles management

Then went to notification subscriptions:

Managing notification subscriptions

And finished with pending management tasks (which he actually didn’t have any ;))

Best of all, in the end he showed all the PowerShell code behind everything he did:

PowerShell code behind the OpsManager management operations

Checkout the webcast, download and install the pack to give it a try yourself.

P.S. One thing missing from the demo is the actual installation of the pack:

  1. Download the pack from the library (right-click the attached file and click Save As).
  2. In PowerGUI, right-click the root node and click Import on the shortcut menu.
  3. Browse to the OpsMgr2007.snapin file.
  4. Once you open it with PowerGUI, you should have the tool ready to follow Rob’s demo.


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