PowerGUI: The Windows Personalizer

Scott Bellware in his blog describes the tool he wants to find (The Windows Personalizer) and his description essintially is the one for PowerGUI.

Scott comments that although “Windows Vista does take a gigantic leap forward in discoverability with the searchable Start menu and control panels” the concept needs to be expanded further to give searchable access to all settings across products and he needs PowerShell code for everything he does so he can automate the changes across multiple machines.

If you watch the Introduction to PowerGUI demo – the demo shows how easy it is to add to the console the functionality you need and get the PowerShell code out of the system (see also these blog posts: Scratching Your Itch and Command-line vs. UI).

Here’s the whole list of Scott’s requirements:

  • A GUI wizard that acts as a portal for all windows settings (good-bye myriad MMC snap-ins)
  • Searchable and filterable like control panels in Vista
  • Shows all settings about to be changed
  • Executes changes transactionally
  • Changes are generated as PowerShell scripts and executed from the wizard
  • Shows all differences between current Windows settings and the factory defaults
  • Creates a clean, expressive, and readable PowerShell script for all changes made to settings since installation that can be saved and transferred to other machines or re-installations of Windows on the same machine
  • So, Scott, apart from choosing MMC-like UI instead of a Wizard-like one, and not (yet?) having transaction support – we actually got what you asked for! Please stop wasting those GUIDs and better donate them to some nice charity.


    1 Response to “PowerGUI: The Windows Personalizer”

    1. 1 Scott Bellware April 9, 2007 at 10:12 am

      Cool, thanks for the pointer! I’ll take a look as soon as I get a moment.

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