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PowerGUI/AD PowerShell Slides

Jeffrey has published the combined slide-deck from the session we did together on Wednesday.

His blog does not include my AD cmdlets script but I have already posted it here.

Also, on a side note, I was actually using a slight modification of his start-demo script: Start-Demo.txt (change extension to ps1)

Here are the instructions for using the script:

  1. Download Start-Demo.txt
  2. Put it to c:\ and rename to Start-Demo.ps1
  3. Put demo.txt to c:\ as well
  4. Start PowerShell console
  5. Type the following code to change to root, allow lading scripts, load it, and start the demo:

cd \
Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
. .\Start-Demo.ps1

This will start the demo and all you’ll need to do is pressing Enter and looking smart.


MMS Hands-On Labs: AD cmdlets & ActiveRoles

Here’s the second lab manual for PowerShell labs here at MMS: AD cmdlets and ARS HOL manual

Unfortunately, I don’t have the PowerGadgets and /n Software manuals to post so hopefully the guys from these teams would do that at their posts.

Microsoft PowerShell guys got us all together for a nice dinner on Wednesday so we all had a really nice dinner chat. PowerShell ecosystem is absolutely fantastic. Looks like great technology attracts great people and companies. 😉

PowerGUI around the globe

Just noticed we got some international coverage recently so if you prefer reading about PowerGUI and AD cmdlets in German or Spanish here you go:

Script from MMS AD cmdlets demo

Yesterday’s session (SW08 Managing systems with Windows PowerShell) went really well. For those interested in what we were showing here is the demo file with all the cmdlets I ran: Demo.txt

Attention: some of the cmdlets I run here are actually from v1.0.1 which should get out next week. At the moment Quest’s web site still have v1.0:

PowerGUI Hands-On Labs

For those guys who could not make it to MMS 2007, I am attaching the PowerGUI Hands-On Labs Manual. Unfortunately, some of the stuff in the labs require AD cmdlets 1.0.1 which probably won’t ship till next week – so unless you are at the conference you might have to wait a week or so before you can try them out. Until then you could just go through the doc and look at the screenshots – I’ve tried to put as many of them as possible.

If you are at MMS – just go to the Hall D where you can find a few computers with PowerGUI and AD cmdlets loaded and manuals printed out. It is in a partner section of the HOLs and they have quite a few PowerShell T-Shirts to give away to whoever takes the labs.

Besides PowerGUI and cmdlets, the labs have network management cmdlets from /n Software and PowerShell-based graphical output controls from PowerGadgets.

Altogether 4 labs with PowerShell content from Microsoft partners – a lot of really cool stuff – make sure you don’t miss that opportunity if you are at the show.


P.S. Just saw a reference to PowerGUI at – way to go!

PowerGUI mentioned in THE blog

Today is a big day for PowerGUI & PowerShell:

Tomorrow we’ll have a busy day: Quest press release gets out, we do a breakout session with Jeffrey, and have a bunch of meetings with the press.

$200 a week PowerGUI draw

In order to celebrate PowerGUI launch Quest Software, is setting up a weekly draw of $200 Amazon certificates among the folks submitting PowerGUI packs to the Library at

The rules are pretty simple:
1. Run PowerGUI.
2. Add a few nodes to the tree and a few actions to the right-hand pane (see flash demos in the documentation section for instructions on how to do this.)
3. Export the new functionality and post your file to the Library.

Each Sunday we will do a draw and randomly pick one of the submissions (tip: submit two packs to double your chances ;)). I will then send a private message to the winner to learn the contact information I could pass to the guys at Quest who will send you the certificate.

That’s it! Pick the area you know and post something that you consider useful and you’ll get a pretty good chance of winning!


P.S. The interest to PowerGUI here at MMS 2007 is tremendous. There are people by the Quest booth watching demos of the product, guys doing hands on labs in Hall D, and hopefully our breakout session with Jeffrey Snover on Wednesday goes well too.

See you at MMS?

Are you coming to Microsoft Management Summit 2007 in San Diego this week?

If you happen to be at the show please stop by booth #107 (Quest Software) and say hello – I will be there most of the time.

We are also co-presenting with Jeffrey Snover on Wednesday:

SW08 Managing systems with Windows PowerShell
Wednesday, March 28 2:15 PM – 3:30 PM, Room 20D
Speaker(s): Jeffrey Snover
Track(s): Windows Management Technology
Session Type(s): Breakout

I think there will also be Birds-Of-A-Feather session for PowerShell on Tuesday:

BF03 Automating SMS and ConfigMgr with VBscript and PowerShell
Tuesday, March 27 7:00 PM – 8:15 PM, BOF Area 3
Speaker(s): Greg Ramsey, Jeffrey Snover
Track(s): Systems Management
Session Type(s): Birds-Of-A-Feather

There will also be Hands-On-Labs with PowerGUI, AD cmdlets, and other PowerShell tools.

See you at MMS! Will be great to meet in person!

Richard’s PowerGUI Write-Up

Richard has a nice summary of what PowerGUI is and how the demo at the UK user group went.

Richard says: “I have tested PowerGUI against Windows, Active Directory, Exchange 2007 and SQL Server 2005. I would highly recommend it as an addition to your administration tool set. It definitely saves hunting for the script you know you have somewhere.

Nice. We are very lucky having Richard and other PowerShell User Group members on the community!

UK PowerShell User Group looking at PowerGUI and AD cmdlets

Just saw Richard’s note of the Get-PSUGUK meeting which they had this week on which they had a look at PowerGUI and AD cmdlets.

I felt really sorry I couldn’t get to the meeting (there was no way I could get to UK between the multiple meetings I had on Microsoft campus this week and next week’s MMS conference in San Diego).

The UK user group is really on the forefront of PowerShell technology and I always love talking to Richard, Scotty (does he have a blog?), Eileen and other folks from the group. Need to make sure I have their meetings in my calendar next time!


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